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Litforce Security Services

Your trusted partner in safeguarding homes, businesses, and communities with cutting-edge security solutions and unmatched expertise.

Safety Redefined
Redefining Your Safety Standard

Discover a new era of safety with Litforce. Our innovative security measures redefine standards, ensuring unparalleled protection for your surroundings.

Peace & Priority
Guarding Your Peace is Our Priority

Our priority is safeguarding your tranquility through unwavering commitment and advanced security solutions.

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Trained experts ensuring top-tier service for ultimate client satisfaction.



Dependable service ensuring safety, trust, and peace for every client.



Expert advice shaping personalized security strategies for optimal protection.


Your Trusted Partner in Comprehensive Security Services

We are dedicated to safeguarding what matters most. We guarantee businesses and people peace of mind with our state-of-the-art security solutions.

24/7 Monitoring

Continuous surveillance, prompt response, and proactive security monitoring around the clock.

Emergency Response

Strategic plans and swift response teams to handle critical security situations.

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Security Experts
Client Retention
Coverage Area

Our Services

Armed and Unarmed Guards

Round-the-clock security with trained personnel equipped with self-defensive tools.

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Escort Services

Emergency response units and VIP escort services for enhanced protection.

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Bullion Services

Specialized services for secure transportation of valuables, including CIT (Cash in Transit) solutions.

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Man Guarding

Reliable and disciplined security officers with military training for various settings.

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Mobile Patrols

Dynamic security presence offering visible deterrence and swift response capabilities.

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Travel Security

Ensuring security during travel, providing peace of mind for individuals and businesses.

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Unparalleled Security Solutions

Secure Your World with LitForce Security.

Reliable Security
Trust our armed guards and cutting-edge technology for reliable and comprehensive security solutions round the clock.
Client-Centric Services
Tailored security plans, VIP escorts, and risk management consultancy ensure personalized and exceptional protection for our clients.

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